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Keep Containers Where They Belong - On The Bench
Accidental spills in the lab can be dangerous and costly, but in many cases could be easily prevented with Ratek’s unique washable adhesive work mats. The work mats are adhesive on both sides and can be stuck indefinitely to any clean, dry and flat surface, yet are removable should they need to be relocated. The unique high-tack adhesive has enough strength to prevent flasks and flat bottomed containers being accidentally tipped over, yet will still allow them to be removed when the time is right. Once the mat becomes dirty, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth to restore the adhesive and allow it to dry, it’s as simple as that. Ideal for laboratory benches, glassware trolleys and sample preparation areas, the mats are available in 2 sizes to suit most applications. Mats can be easily trimmed to size where required.

AWM33X16 Washable Adhesive Work Mat - 332 x 166mm

    • Keep Containers & Glassware In Place
    • Prevent Dangerous And Costly Spills
    • Wipe Clean To Restore Adhesive
    • Reusable Thousands of Times
    • Ideal For Glassware Trolleys

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