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The VM1 is a durable and easy to use single tube Vortex mixer suitable for most types of test tubes up to 28mm diameter. The mixer is fitted with 2 operating modes. In the automatic mode the mixer will run continuously, in the manual mode the mixer will run when the tube is in the mixing cup and downward pressure is applied. The variable speed control allows for a gentle mixing action through to a vigorous vortex action. Varying the angle and pressure applied to the tube will also vary the mixing action. The drive system is counterbalanced to ensure a quiet and smooth operation.

VM1 Personal Vortex Mixer

    • 200-2700 RPM tube vortex mixer with silicon cup
    • Manual mode for activation with downward pressure
    • Automatic mode for permanent operation
    • Quiet and smooth operation
    • Extreme reliability with a well proven mechanism

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