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The TH8500 immersion heater circulator provides precision temperature control with advanced ramp/soak functionality. Up to 9 programs with a total of 288 segments can be programmed to allow complete control over your temperature profile. With excellent temperature stability of +/- 0.02°C in a Ratek insulated tank, the TH8500 also features a powerful adjustable 17 L/min pump which ensures uniform temperatures in even the largest of baths.

The large bright dual-line LED display is easily visible from any angle and makes it easy to monitor your program from anywhere in the lab. The TH8500 features a host of safety features including low-level alarm and cut-out, over and under temperature alarms as well as a manually resettable failsafe thermostat. With a high-power 2.2 kW heating element, the TH8500 is capable of heating larger baths and is suited to applications where a rapid ramp-up and maintenance of temperature is required. The advanced temperature profiling gives you complete control of the temperature ramping over time, and the TH8500 can work in conjunction with a cooling system to increase ramp-down rates.

Where external circulation is required, a Ratek insulated bath such as the IT700 with re-circulation ports is ideal to create a closed loop system with precise temperature control. The TH8500 is whisper quiet, simple to operate and built to last.


TH8500 Programmable Immersion Heater Circulator

    • Programmable Ramp/Soak Control
    • Up to 9 Program Storage
    • Large Dual Line Digital Display
    • Precision Digital PID Control
    • High-Flow Dual-Outlet Pump

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