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The TH8000 immersion heater circulator provides precision temperature control via it’s large user-friendly dual-line interface. It features excellent stability of +/- 0.04°C in a Ratek insulated tank and features a powerful adjustable 17 L/min pump with dual outlets for external pump-out where required whilst the high-flow pump ensures uniform temperatures in even the largest of baths.

The large bright dual-line LED display is easily visible from any angle and makes it easy to monitor your application from anywhere in the lab. The TH8000 features an adjustable preset mode for commonly set temperatures, as well as a host of safety features including low-level alarm and cut-out, over and under temperature alarms as well as a manually resettable failsafe thermostat.

With a 1 kW heating element, the TH8000 is ideal for heating smaller baths and delivers excellent temperature stability. The TH8000 is also suitable for use in larger baths where only lower operating temperatures are required, and is designed to work in conjunction with a Ratek cooling system to produce accurate repeatable temperatures below ambient.

The TH8000 is whisper quiet, very simple to operate, is loaded with features and like all Ratek equipment is built to last.

TH8000 Precision Immersion Heater Circulator

    • Excellent Temperature Stability
    • High-Flow Dual-Outlet Pump
    • Large Dual Line Digital Display
    • Simple and User Friendly Operation
    • Variable and Preset Temperature Modes

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