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The RC1 has an insulated stainless steel flexible line approximately 1 metre long with a stainless steel coil supported by an adjustable mounting bracket. This cooler can cool 8 litres of water in an insulated tank from 30°C to 5°C in approximately 25 mins. When used with the Ratek TH5 Thermoregulator the RC1 can provide temperature controlled water at or below ambient temperatures, accurate to ± 0.1°C. For temperatures below 0°c a solution of Ethylene Glycol 50% / Water 50% is recommended. The case for the RC1 is manufactured from a corrosion resistant plastic to provide durability. Only environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant is used in Ratek coolers. Suitable Insulated tanks are available for use with the RC1.

RC1 Immersion Cooler

    • 580 Watts cooling capacity
    • Corrosion resistant stainless steel immersion coil
    • Mounting clamp fixes the coil to any tank
    • Below-ambient and sub-zero control with THx000
    • 110mm minimum water level

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