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For Higher Volumes

The OM7 sits between the medium and extra large Ratek orbital shaker ranges. For those applications where a greater quantity of vessels is required, the OM7 is the orbital shaker for the job. The 500mm square non-slip platform is large enough to accommodate up to 16 x 500mL flasks. The OM7 makes efficient use of it’s bench-space and delivers solid and near-silent shaking throughout the digitally controlled speed range.


With a super-quiet drive system incorporating slow acceleration to reduce spillage, the OM7 delivers smooth, precise and repeatable speed control via it’s large user-friendly digital control panel. The drive system also features out of balance and platform jam safety cut-out systems. The brilliant red LED tachometer, timer and user program display ensures you know exactly what your samples are doing, visible from anywhere in the lab, whilst the audible program buzzer will alert you once a program is complete. A wide range of accessories is available including universal racks, tulip clip trays and adhesive mat trays plus customised trays can be made on request.

OM7 Digital Orbital Shaker - Large

    • Repeatable Digital Tacho Control
    • 3 User Definable Program Presets
    • Near Silent Operation
    • 40-400 RPM Speed Adjustable
    • Large 500 x 500mm Platform
    • Large Range of Accessories Available

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