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These roller mixers can accommodate a range of different vials, small bottles, and test tubes of various sizes. Each pair of rollers can hold up to 1 kilogram. As an example the BTR5-12V can hold up to 24 x 5ml blood tubes. The coated aluminium rollers are mounted on eccentric drive spindles to provide a rocking as well as rolling motion, ensuring a thorough mixing action. Parallel rollers can be specified, if preferred.


Speed of the rollers is variable between 10 and 60 rpm. to cover a wide range of mixing requirements. The sprocket and chain drive, coupled with ball race roller mounting, will ensure smooth trouble free operation.


Both the BTR5 and BTR10 mixers can run continuously for many hours unattended.

BTR5-12V 5 Roller Tube Roller Mixer

    • Mixes up to 24 x 5ml blood tubes
    • Tilt & roll motion (also availble without tilt)
    • Variable speed between 10 and 60 RPM
    • Ball race roller mounting for quiet operation
    • 12V DC Input

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